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Tue - Sat. 12 - 6pm

arebyte 117/ an extension gallery

arebyte 117 is a space located 2 min walk from our main gallery in Hackney wick. We use this space as an extesnion galery for bigger projects. The space is also available for hire. 117 Wallis Rd E9 5LN

Become Become's London residency in collaboration with Green Rooms and Arebyte Gallery works with the theme of The Hidden, the Mysteries, and the selected projects reflect a search for the subtle and often unseen or hidden realities of daily life. Embracing transdisciplinarity, broad thematic influences and an open-source model of knowledge creation, the 10-day programme in London builds upon previous residencies and brings together 12 artists from 9 countries. These include academics and established practitioners in the fields of painting, photography, video, photography, sculpture, architecture, music and art curation.


Becomebecome is a non-profit that uniquely merges exhibitions, creative incubators and immersion in local art communities into flexible, nomadic residencies taking place across the world. Started by an international team of artist and researchers with a hub in Barcelona, Becomebecome asked one simple question: How can we transform the practice of creatives and researchers by putting them into a radically open dialogue with practitioners from diverse fields and different parts of the world?


Residency  participants:

Leigh Bridges (Canada), Mario Rodriguez (Mexico/Spain), Katrin Bruder (Austria), Tia Vellani (Pakistan/ Ireland), Tyler Moorehead (US/UK), Manuel Ávila (US), Samina Virani (UK), Katie Steinberg (US), Jill Laudet (UK), Ivana Pinna (Italy), Xenia Kudrina (Russia), Giselle Hee Lee (South Korea)