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Tue - Sat. 12 - 6pm


Drawing Surface /

Ram Samocha

Scorched, seared, burnt, torn, ceaseless, constant, lasting, circular, gradient, full, bare, black, white, dimension, flat, surface, plane, draw, illustrate, move, hard, soft, harsh, tough, straight, broken, lines, round, edge, back, front, shine, crack, dark, elegant, bright, wavy, heavy, light, erase, brighten, horizontal, vertical, expose, cover, hidden


Arebyte Gallery is proud to present the first UK solo show by the artist Ram Samocha, Drawing Surface, featuring his latest series of works on paper together with a remake of his 2009 performance piece ‘Cover Up’, originally created in Ontario, Canada.

Samocha, a multi-disciplinary artist working in performance and visual arts creates individual artefacts through actions of performance, but referring to each as an autonomous artistic entity rather than the process that led to the creation of the work of art. Samocha’s unique drawing technique using metal point on a special rock paper, creates mesmerising surfaces that transcend the two dimensional plane into three dimensional works which highlight the material and process.


Samocha's works on paper are born through a distinct endless mechanism of repetitive movements, which transform the flat surface into a corrugated façade. Samocha’s approach becomes manifested into the paper through innumerable layers of gesture: back and forth in one direction. His strokes of endless lines allude to his ceaseless binding to his movement, endlessly laborious and Sisyphean in his own way.

New Landscapes arise through his processes: hills of white against darkened lead valleys, bodily movements scarred into the paper. The sheet warps as he draws the two-dimensional topological fields of built-up surface; Samocha redraws a map, using his own coordinates to navigate the mark-making journey.


Ram Samocha, born in Israel, 1966, currently lives in Brighton, England.

7th Nov – 7th Dec 2013 I Installation shots