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Tue - Sat. 12 - 6pm





Fronterlebnis – Dani Ploeger  

Concertina – Richard Wentworth X APPARATA 

The Green and Pleasant Land – Max Colson

The Binary Graffiti Club – Stanza

I'd Rather Be Shopping – Louise Ashcroft

Crowd Control – Heather Barnett

CensorSHIP – Desearch Repartment

Blinding Pleasures – Man Bartlett, Angela Washko and Ben Grosser / Curated by Filippo Lorenzin

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HowToHowToHowTo – Gretchen Andrew

Virtual Choreography – Rosana Antoli

Live|Work – Reynir Hutber

Yami Ichi @ Tate modern

New Frontier Lab @ Sundance Institute 

Legal Aesthetics – Jack Tan

Books – Patrick Lichty, Erik H Zepka and David Quiles Guilló

Dissent as an iPhone app – Débora Delmar Corp, Daniel Keller, Saemundur Thor Helgason, Ella Plevin / Curated by Àngels Miralda




Nelmarie du Preez

Thickear Records Store

Ariel Narunsky

Zoe Hough

Marios Athanasiou

Broad Vision students

Alisa Leimane




Choy Ka Fai

RCA Design Interactions graduates

Mark Farid, Fabio Lattani Antinori and Sara Ludy

Spontaneous Combustion Festival Residency

Florian Tuercke

Mirko Nikolic

Kian Peng Ong

Choy Ka Fai - Gallery Residency



7th Nov - 8th Dec - Drawing Surface - Ram Samocha

3rd - 31st Oct - Influence - Irie Takahito

31st Aug - 26th Sept - When Contents Become Form - Jeannie Driver

16th Aug - Formed View - Christopher Matthews. In partnership with HackneyLive. Part of Hackney

WickED Festival

31st July - 8th Aug - 3rd Spontaneous Combustion, dance festival

29th - 30th June - One Pound Cinema & London Seizure: part 2. Part of The Lab Film Festival

3rd - 24th June - Steele vs. Freeakpong

9th - 18th May - Anagrammatic Memories - Dygoro Sasaki

17th - 20th April - Gwaith Swn - Sound Work

4th - 16th March - PLAN.OPEN. Super Scale











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