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Live | Work_Part I_Live Streaming_Reynir Hutber

How to How to How to_Part I_Gretchen Andrew

Wick in Layers_RCA Information Experience Design (IED)

dissent as an iPhone app_Àngels Miralda Tena

Books_Patrick Lichty, Erik H Zepka and David Quiles Guilló

Law's Imagination_Karaoke Court_Jack Tan

Live | Work_Reynir Hutber_Part 2 + 3

Virtual Choreography_Part I + 2_Rosana Antoli

-->How to How to How to_Part 2_Gretchen Andrew

Is There Beauty in Forgetting? (2015)_Shinji Toya_Part I + 2 + 3

the-device-is-the-message_Part I_Liliana Farber

The Artists is Typing_Guido Segni

-->Website Seeing_Her Her Her Her

-->Forgetting.online_Shinji Toya



Legal Aesthetician_6 Week course by Jack Tan_May-June

VIPA Workshop: Elements of Space_15 Oct

Your New Identity_Heath Bunting_19 Nov

HOW TO: Write a noval_Gretchen Andrew_6 Dec