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Tue - Sat. 12 - 6pm


books is a series of exhibitions in art galleries, art museums, art institutions and art biennales around the world, featuring a selection of unique printed books with facebook timelines by prolific artists who make facebook a part of their daily practice.


Closing event / 30th May / 2 - 4pm


Spam Parasites and Synthetic Biomimicry:  Commercial Publics and Communal Publication / A closing talk and event for Books


Born into the stream.  Writing quickly, laterally, superficially, multiply.  Fast epistemologies, swarm ontologies, transactions of noise and multitudes. From rhetoric to documentation to smart records back to rhetoric but this time for the cyborg community.  Robots deserve a voice too.


The Books exhibit turns the technosocial corporate algorithms of social media space into a material analogue.   In Spam Parasites Erik Zepka will try to look at what the rhetorical implications are of that progession.  What is language, expression, what does a talk look like, what discussion.


Limited space, please RSVP on

Books /  

17th - 30th April / Patrick Lichty, Erik H Zepka and

David Quiles Guilló / Link to event /

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