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Tue - Sat. 12 - 6pm

Irie Takahito/


Takahito is a multidisciplinary artist working in myriad mediums including video, photography, digital illustration, performance and installation.


H/U/M/A/N/M/A/C/H/I/N/E explores the implications of technology on consciousness and the human body; the change in the relationship between man and machine over time and the point at which they blur and shape one another. Within his work, Takahito inhabits the role of creator, breeding and presenting his Cyborg tribe.

Combining aesthetics drawn from Japanese culture with pseudo African ceremonial- like rituals, Takahito plays on the notion of authentic and fantasy, archaic and futuristic. He paints onto the skin of human beings as if initiating them into the new world he envisions, rather like Japanese Gundam robots*.

Takahito describes the art making process in H/U/M/A/N/M/A/C/H/I/N/E  as a place where his models seem to “lose their identity and change”. The results are a series of digital images, documenting the outcome of the “ritual” initiated by Takahito and his subjects through his work.


1984  Born in Hiroshima , Japan

2007  Exchanged to Hong-Ik University , Seoul , Korea

2009  Graduated from Tama Art University , Tokyo , Japan

Solo Exhibitions


2013  “influence”, AREBYTE, London ,UK

2013  “VISION”, ALEE Space , Seoul , Korea

2011  “H/U/M/A/N M/A/C/H/I/N/E”, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE , Seoul , Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions


2013  “Red Never Follows from HUGO”, Saatchi Gallery , London , UK

2012  “Beautiful Star”, Beyond Museum , Seoul , Korea

2012 “Now Asia Contemporary Art”, Uijeongbu Arts Center , Gyonggido , Korea

2011  “4D LIVE PARK-D’strict”, KINTEX ,  Ilsan , Korea

2011 “ECO”, Muan Seunwoo Oh Art of Museum , Muan , Korea

2011 “Young Artists Project 2011”, EXCO , Daegu , Korea

2011 “B.Y.B.O. (Bring Your Own Beamer)”, Gallery LVS , Seoul , Korea

2010  “Artist in Residence”, Daegu Culture and Arts Center , Daegu , Korea

2009  “HEART and SOUL”, Ku Art Center , Beijing , China

2009 “PAPER AIRPLANES”, Hiroshima MOCA , Hiroshima , Japan

2008  “MOVE-MENT”, ZERO Field 798, Beijing, China

2008 “A.I.R.”, Galerie Eigenheim , Weimar , Germany

Art Fair


2013  “ASYAAF”, Seoul , Korea

2011  “ASYAAF”, Seoul , Korea

“ART BEIJING”, Beijing , China





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