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Tue - Sat. 12 - 6pm

arebyte will relocate our gallery and create affordable artists’ workspaces at London City Island – the new island neighbourhood is set to become a hub for creative living and cultural excellence – securing a future for our creative residents whilst maintaining our grassroots approach.


Launching in September, our new artistic spaces will secure a future for its creative residents whilst maintaining its grassroots approach. This relocation is the result of a collaboration between arebyte; Ballymore, the developers of London City Island; the pioneering Studiomakers initiative, in association with the Mayor of London.


The Mayor of London’s Artists’ Workspace Study (2014) predicted that up to 3,500 of the capital’s artist workspaces would be lost in by 2019 due to rising studio costs. In responding to these growing concerns over availability and affordability, we (with

our partners) have contrived a mutually beneficial and sustainable model to support London creatives. The site will feature 5,000sqft studios for artists, designers and creative industries; 1,000sqft co-working spaces, and a 2,200sqft gallery.


















Our gallery and artistic spaces will sit alongside the other major cultural institutions – English National Ballet and English National Ballet School; The London Film School and The Line, East London’s contemporary art walk – that will relocate to the Island. Our work, along with these partnerships and engagement between local residents and the artists, will help transform the site into a local and international cultural destination.


We will ensure an integrated and genuinely artist-led cultural programme will be brought to the Island, one that responds to and engages with neighbours and surrounding communities and organisations, such as the established creative arts venue at adjoining Trinity Buoy Wharf.


Our 2017 artistic programme ‘Control’ will continue in Hackney Wick until its complete relocation in December 2017.

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