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Thurs - Sat, 12 - 6pm

Tue - Sat, 12 - 6pm (New Site)

Calling Everyone!


We want you to come and use our gallery over the next three months.

Concertina by Richard Wentworth, in collaboration with architectural practice APPARATA, is a construction in the gallery which launches our new site at London City Island. Concertina explores the social potential of art spaces and transforms the gallery into an environment for openness and discussion.


Do you have a dance group in need of rehearsal space? Are you an aspiring magician, flutist or florist? Are you a school group looking for a place to teach? Do you run a book club, karate class, theatre company? Do you simply need somewhere cool to meet a friend or business partner?


We’ve got space for you and we want you to fill it! Email us with your ideas and preferable dates - anything between 5th October until the 22nd December - and we’ll book you in.


‘Cities result from comings and goings.

We find our place.

We seldom know much of the past of a city.

We are poor at explaining, even to ourselves, how we come to be there.

Cities, like us, are propelled by encounters.

With Apparata, I have devised Concertina as a laboratory,

a place where meetings will undoubtedly happen;

this is somewhere to be remembered for the quality of its encounters.

A happenstance, a tiny darn in the fabric of London.’


Richard Wentworth, 2017

Terms & Conditions:


Dimensions: 2,200 sqft

Capacity of 150 people

Equipment available: Projector, Monitors, tables and chairs. Please check when you book what is available.

Email with your proposed use and preferable dates.

The space can be booked for a whole day or intervals of up to three hours.

The space cannot be booked for consecutive FULL days but can be booked for three evenings in a row for example.

We welcome anyone and everyone, however, if we feel like the proposed use might cause unnecessary offense, harm or damage then we will be unable to allocate the use of the space.

We allow children to use the space under adult supervision.

All items bought to the space are the sole responsibility of the owner and are at the owner’s risk if left unattended.

For safety reasons we request that there is no climbing, jumping or running up the structure.