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'Porcelain music' is an ongoing investigation into sound, initiated by musician and composer Tobias Stürmer in 2003 when he began coaxing sounds from the sculptures of his father, the German porcelain artist Walther Stürmer. In this performance Stürmer is joined by sound artists Akshamitra &Tom Mudd and will employ recordings of Stürmer's porcelain objects made by the trio at his studio in Munich.


In this performance a variety of conventional musical instruments are played live by Stürmer, which are then processed by Tom Mudd, using a series of electronic resonant filters which are modeled on the complex sonority of the original porcelain objects, while Akshamitra resamples and mutates, creating a wash of sonic textures.  


This approach has lead the trio to a vast range of new sonic possibilities wherein the rich spectral world of porcelain music is redesigned into multi-layered musical compositions.


The performance incorporates projected visuals which highlight the spectral elements of the music and relate them back to the porcelain source objects.










The second act will be 'Suspended animation' by Charlie Kerr, Andrew Davidson and Ariel Karsh


The Three are creating and manipulating an audiovisual chain of events. A video synthesizer generates, a modular machine divides and a swinging pendulum combines. While borrowing some of the mechanics behind Steve Reich's Pendulum Music (1968) Kerr, Davidson and Karsh unfold, split, reconfigure and translate sonically a simple event into a happening of chance and noise, rhythm and harmony.



14th Dec, 6 - 10pm. £5

You can get early bird tickets here


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