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Concertina and our new studio site on Frieze

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arebyte Gallery relocation on a-n, Art Forum, Arts Industry, Dallas Arts Buyers, Happening Media, and ArtNet

Louise Ashcroft interviewed for We Make Money Not Art

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Crowd Control featured in The Upcoming

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Desearch Repartment featured on AQNB

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Creators Project Self-Taught Artist Creates Exhibition From ‘How To’ YouTube Videos

Droste Effect Gretchen Andrew: HOW TO Write your first novel using YouTube

Why Magazine interviews Gretchen Andrew

Gretchen Andrew talks to Rob Gallagher and Daniel Rourke about HOW TO on Furtherfield


Curating the Contemporary Elisa Giorgi interviews Gretchen Andrew

Digicult Interview with Rosana Antoli

An article on ExpressNEWS "¿Te atreverías a participar en el mapa de coreografías en línea con Rosana Antolí?" by Lorena Beneitez

Virtual Choreography on Creator's Project

BMM 2016  Bienal Miradas de Mujeres Rosana Antoli

Arshake Virtual Coreography Coreografia Virtual

Curating the Contemporary Rebecca Edwards interviews Rosana Antoli

Afternyne Artist Introductions: Rosana Antoli Introduces Virtual Choreography, Arebyte

Infoenpunto ‘Coreografía Virtual’, proyecto de Rosana Antolí en Arebyte Gallery

Opening of our new arts hub, arebyte 2 and LASER Gallery

FurtherField Reynir Hutber Live I Work by Erol Arguden

Curating the Contemporary Reynir Hurber interview with Rebecca Edwards

FAD Magazine Reynir Hutber Live|Work  a three-part, multi- faceted project

Droste effect  Interview with Reynir Hutber by Manu Buttiglione

FAD Magazine mentions Yami-Ichi

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Seeing-I at Sundance New Frontier Lab May 2016

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Jack Tan Law's Imagination and the Form Four Ensable performing in the Arebyte Gallery

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Dissent as an iPhone App / an article on ARSHAKE

Dissent as an iPhone App / an article by Manu Buttiglione on Droste Effect

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Furtherfield Gretchen Andrew in conversation with Daniel Rourke & Rob Gallagher at Arebyte

ARSHAKE   Interview with Gretchen Andrew by Elena Giulia Rossi

NewHive How to How to How to - Interview with Gretchen Andrew

LondonCityNights an article about "The Wick in Layers"

Nelmarie's project on Arts Council England report on Arts and Technology.

arebyte has received an Arts Council England grant for its 2016 programme.


2015 (Part of The Worng) is featured on FAD

arebyte is shortlisted for the 2015 Alternative cultural venue by Dot.London Awards

An article by Mark Farid for The Telegraph on online privecy.

The Wrong -  New Digital Art Biennale ( /

Nelmarie du Preez on Creators Project

Irie Takahito is taking part in a group show at RawArt Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel

Nelmarie is selected as one of '5 Emerging London artists you need to know' by GQ

Nelmrie du Preez recievs a merit award from Barclays L’Atelier

Mark Farid been selcted as Collusion's Artist in Residency

An article about arebyte on arshake

Seeing I is taking part in two confernces in one day! CoPro in Israel and DocBarcelona in Spain.

An interview with Zoe Hough on Traction Magazine, Clot Magazine and

SUPERPOSITION is live online

An interview with Zoe Hough on Aesthetica Magazine

Two of Mark Farid's projects are featured on Washing Machine Magazine issue 2

Superposition on The Creators Project.& Creativeapplication

Alisa will present LikeMe Labs as part of V&A DIGITAL FUTURES at The White Building

An interview with Marios Athanasiou on Traction Magazine

Review of 'LikeMe Labs' on LondonCityNight

Nelmarie du Prezz has been selected top take part in The London Open 2015 at Whitechapel Galllery!

'probably the most experimental new media art gallery'. FAD

An interview with our director on



'Next Brave New World' as one of top 10 exhibitons of 2014 

'The Choreography of Things' by Choy Ka Fai as one of top 5 projects in 2014 by LondonCityNights

SEEING-I on VICE, The Verge, WIRED, BBC, Sky, Guardian, Mirror, Independent, Huffington Post and many more!

An article about Seeing-I on The Creator's Project

Launch event of SEEING-I @ BL_NK

Co curating a series of talks for 100% Design fair

Exhibiting in 'Future Shorts' In Hackney Wick in association with the White Building

Nimrod Vardi is guest curator at 'Post Digital, Are we there yet?' at DegreeArt

An article about Hackney Wick on labkultur

A review of January Gallery-Residency with Choy Ka Fai on LondonCityNights

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An interview with our director and curator Nimrod Vardi on Trebuchet Magazine

An Interview on Hackney Post

Review of 'Influence' by Irie Takahito show

(Selected as one of top five shows to see in October by TimeOut and Whitechapel's FirstThursdays)

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Sequins and Cherry Blossom

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'Drawing surface' Ram Samocha London City Nights

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London City Nights by David James

Jeannie Driver  Online catalogue + review by Ben Gooding