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Tue - Sat. 12 - 6pm

thickear Records Store


28th August - 25th September

thickear Records Store event, 3rd September 6 – 9pm

Open days, 28th August – 25th September, Thursday to Saturday, 12 – 6pm (More specific dates below)


For their residency at Arebyte Gallery during August/September 2015 artists’ collective thickear are configuring the gallery as a multi-function space for research and public interaction for their new performance-installation piece thickear Records Store (TRS).


thickear Records Store offers visitors the chance to take away limited edition thickear cassette tapes with personalised sleeves in exchange for personal information. The sleeves and the contents of the tapes themselves are assembled from the participant’s answers during a one-on-one consultation with one of the four members of thickear. A second copy of the data collected is kept and placed in record racks for visitors to dig through.


As with previous thickear projects, thickear Records Store features participation as a crucial aspect of the work, centred on creating moments of exchange between audience and artist as part of a shared act that relates to everyday transactions in personal information on social media platforms, civil bureaucracy and contemporary consumerism.


The collective are also conducting a pop-up version of thickear Records Store at surprise locations during the residency, the dates and venues for which will be revealed on a week by week basis during TRS’s tenure. During these excursions the gallery space will take on an archival format and feature an additional video work.