arebyte is dedicated to emerging media, performative practice and participatory artforms. Our mission is to create thriving environments to nurture artists through interdisciplinary dialogues.
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arebyte Gallery is a London-based art organisation which supports the development of contemporary artists working across emerging artforms. Through our gallery space and affordable studio complex, we create thriving environments for artists to expand on their practices, explore collaborative working and meet new audiences.

In October 2017, after three years in Hackney Wick, we relocated our gallery to brand new development, London City Island in Canning Town. Since its inception in 2013, our exhibition space has nurtured digital and participatory artforms through interdisciplinary dialogues. We commission cutting edge artists who bring new perspectives to digital culture by connecting emerging technology and art practices, and we curate participatory performative work by artists who push the boundaries of collaborative art-making.

Our artistic programme provides empowering art experiences to local communities, art practitioners, academics as well as the broader creative and tech sector. With 6,000 visitors per year, arebyte gallery is an inspiring place for everyone.

 “arebyte! One of the very few galleries where experimental art is irreverent, entertaining but also deeply connected with society's most challenging issues.”

Régine Debatty, Founder of


'Seven of the best new London galleries': “arebyte... has followed the creative tide down the river Lea to a place called London City Island. Which is also a new development, but one with an appetite for some creativity. A bit out of the way, but where better to let experimental art bloom?"

Eddy Frankel, Time Out 


"arebyte is more than a gallery, it's a creative family which nurtures artists through conversation, camaraderie, resource-sharing, practical support and by building an interdisciplinary community around research so that the work develops in unexpected, ambitious ways, without limits or rules. Through working with arebyte, my practice has grown new organs and territories."

Louise Ashcroft, Artist