arebyte Gallery brings innovative perspectives to art through new technologies
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arebyte Gallery is a London-based art organisation which supports the development of artists working across digital and emerging artforms. 

Following in the long tradition of artists experimentation with new technologies, arebyte Gallery has led a pioneering programme since 2013, to much acclaim. From web-based work to multimedia installations including Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Generated Images and 3D printing, the gallery commissions new works from emerging, as well as more established artists. The gallery supports multiple voices in digital cultures across the UK and internationally to bring innovative perspectives to art through new technologies.

Registered as a charity and operating as a studios provider throughout London, arebyte channels its rental income into its arts programme to deliver a series of exhibitions and online projects, with the support of additional private and public funders.

At the forefront of today’s digital art scene, arebyte Gallery offers an inspiring place to explore emerging media art with an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of art, new technologies, and social sciences.

Through a public engagement programme nurturing creative and digital skills, the gallery fosters a young and inclusive art community that reflects the diversity across Tower Hamlets, Newham and Greenwich.


“arebyte! One of the very few galleries where experimental art is irreverent, entertaining but also deeply connected with society's most challenging issues.”

Régine Debatty, Founder of


'Seven of the best new London galleries': “arebyte... has followed the creative tide down the river Lea to a place called London City Island. Which is also a new development, but one with an appetite for some creativity. A bit out of the way, but where better to let experimental art bloom?"

Eddy Frankel, Time Out 


"arebyte is more than a gallery, it's a creative family which nurtures artists through conversation, camaraderie, resource-sharing, practical support and by building an interdisciplinary community around research so that the work develops in unexpected, ambitious ways, without limits or rules. Through working with arebyte, my practice has grown new organs and territories."

Louise Ashcroft, Artist