arebyte also provides creative workspaces, coworking and affordable artists studios, with various sites across London. The studios are managed by our partners and main supporters Arbeit Project Limited, a creative workspace provider with spaces across North, East and Central London.

Our studios cater for everyone; from musicians and DJs, fashion designers and animators, to fine artists and digital media pros. We're proud to be home to London's finest and look forward to welcoming you to our growing family. 

Photographs 1-8 by Andriana Oborocean + Gigi Gianella. Photographs 9-18 by Sophia Spring for Clipper Magazine


"My experience at arebyte studios in Clerkenwell was the best studio experience I had over the many years of being a practising artist. It was so entrepreneurial and forward thinking to find this building in the centre of town and rapidly make it accessible for artists and designers, even if only for a year. The relationships was built on trust which is so rare these days, in the more established charity studios I never met the people in charge and when we complained of mice, or cold or wet or security it was a whole process to get things sorted, here situations were dealt with immediately and you could speak directly to Rebecca and Nimrod.

The atmosphere in the studio has been great and I never felt obliged to have an open studio as in other places where you feel that you are treated like a child in school on top of having to pay high rent. The rent was incredibly reasonable for a studio in the centre of London. I had such a productive time being in the studio when I could and making work and having visits. I hope arebyte will continue to do exactly what they have been doing to help artists survive and thrive in London, where so many other studio charities are letting go of their buildings and there are no affordable studio spaces for artists left."

— Oreet Ashery, Artist

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arebyte Studios in an edition of Clipper Magazine, 2018

arebyte Studios in an edition of Clipper Magazine, 2018