Particle Waves

Kian Peng Ong

11 March – 10 April 2014


arebyte Gallery is proud to present a multi-faceted audio installation Particle Waves by Kian Peng Ong. Particle Waves is a sound sculpture comprised of 12 kinetic bowls creating a continuous wave-like man-made motion experience. Although the sculptor seemingly takes on a simple aesthetic, it is highly precise and fine-tuned to create a time and space-less effect.

His sculpture is part of a continuous series of attempts to represent and respond to the correlation between sound and nature. Ong brings an outdoors natural experience indoors whilst using a combination of natural and synthetic materials with mechanical movements from digital origins.


Ong combines the auditory with the visual, often but not limited to sculptural forms. His works explore the physical phenomenon of sound in various ways that employ a multitude of simple mechanisms, resulting in a complex sound-scape.  Through his use of audio experience Bin invokes a new perspective and way of looking at the changes occurring within contemporary society and urban architecture and the lack of listening-focused environments and spaces. Bin is also fascinated by the processes leading to the creation of sound, and the use of sound in creating audio-visual outputs.

Kian-Peng Ong (Bin) is a multi-disciplinary artist from Singapore working mainly with audio and visual media creating highly sensitive and complex hybrid installations. Ong’s installations confront the audience with an immersive experience incorporating sound, light and movement.has received various awards such as the Japan Media Arts Jury Recommendation 2009, Crowbar Awards, and Aniwow! China. He has shown his works locally and internationally like South Korea, Slovenia, USA, Brazil and Singapore. His works have been included in major festivals such as the Singapore M1 Fringe Festival; File Festival, ICMC, Siggraph and Siggraph Asia.

This project is kindly supported by National Arts Council, Singapore and Arbeit Project Ltd.